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About Lacoste

Somewhere between sport and fashion, Lacoste has been building its legend for nearly 90 years. This legend, born on the tennis courts, has been embodied in a now-iconic logo: the crocodile, a symbol of tenacity, daring, and style.

The keyword at Lacoste: Elegance, with a capital E. An elegance that both distinguishes and unites. An elegance that transcends cultures and generations. In short, a timeless, universal, and inclusive elegance. But above all, a creative, inventive, and bold elegance that is evident in both the brand’s collections and its communications.


With a presence in nearly a hundred countries, Lacoste has successfully stamped its mark on the international stage without ever losing sight of what defines its identity: a style that blends sports, elegance, and casualness, with a commitment to creativity and audacity in design.

More relevant than ever, Lacoste continually reinvents itself to engage with younger generations and remain an inspiring brand.

As part of its omnichannel strategy, Lacoste places great emphasis on the email channel, considering it a strategic acquisition tool and an opportunity to push the boundaries of customer experience personalization.

Therefore, Lacoste expected its email campaign design solution to enable it to:

  • Build campaigns that meet its quality and performance requirements
  • Create emails that reflect its brand image: elegant, bold, and stylish
  • Push the boundaries in terms of creativity and innovation
  • Industrialize its production processes to meet the needs of international markets
Valance Petit-Damico

Here, not a day goes by without us using Dartagnan. It's a tool we're trained in-house to use, and it's very user-friendly and practical. With Dartagnan, we have no trouble adding or removing certain blocks to tailor offers to specific needs. All campaigns are created here in France and then duplicated and adapted for 13 different markets. And all of this is done very quickly and seamlessly.

Valance Petit-Damico

CRM Campaign Manager at Lacoste


In their collaboration with Dartagnan, the Lacoste teams have managed to find solutions to accelerate their email strategy while meeting their brand and creative innovation challenges.

1. International Strategy: The Dartagnan Impact

Lacoste needed to accelerate its campaign production processes in order to:

  • Scale production pace to match the sending frequency.
  • Adapt and deploy campaigns across all markets the brand serves in record time.

This challenge was met thanks to Dartagnan, whose agility enables different teams (creative and CRM) to work simultaneously on the solution and optimize the validation processes.

2. Lacoste Emails: Tailored and High Fashion

The productivity challenge was even more complex as it was combined with two major objectives:

  • Preserve the Lacoste identity
  • Produce emails that reflect their image: high-quality, elegant, and high-performing

Lacoste found in Dartagnan a solution to incorporate all the elements that define their brand image and deploy them at all levels of email: images, fonts, features, design, UX, and more.

3. The Lacoste Style: Boldness and Creativity in Email

Just like in their fashion collections, Lacoste’s creative teams were able to demonstrate boldness within their email campaigns. In terms of design and creativity, they found in Dartagnan a tool to challenge their strategy.

Always ready to experiment with each of our innovations, Lacoste was the first brand to try out the email slider to offer an even more interactive and unique customer experience.

Lacoste emails: innovation serving boldness and modernity.