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Unleash your creativity and boost performance

  • Design email campaigns quickly and freely
  • Unleash your creativity without technical constraints
  • Enhance the customer experience with more dynamic, immersive campaigns
  • Innovate to stand out in the market

Dartagnan is here to help

Template Email Design

Is outsourcing your template production slowing you down ?

Our easy drag & drop system sets you free, letting you create your own templates. New campaigns take just a few minutes and can be re-used over and over.

Are you struggling to update pre-designed templates that aren’t aging well?

With Dartagnan, design as many new blocks and modules as you like. Copy, paste, modify, customize…Adapt campaigns to suit your needs and the market, without touching a single line of code.
Stratégie Email Marketing
Stratégie Email Marketing

Do you have trouble customizing pre-integrated blocks that don’t fit your requirements or your brand image?

Photos, videos, gifs, pngs…Dartagnan lets you easily integrate all kinds of content for unique, distinctive emails.

Are you frustrated by technical constraints and the limits of your CRM design tools?

Hover states, sliders, background…With Dartagnan you’ll create dynamic, immersive campaigns that enhance the user experience and push the limits of design and innovation.
Email builder Dartagnan

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