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Intuitive email design

Dartagnan Interface

Drag and Drop solution

Dartagnan is intuitive and easy to use. Drag and drop to build emails, templates, campaigns and newsletters in minutes.

Pre-integrated blocks and modules

Text, image, video, button, background...a panoply of customized assets and modules to meet your needs.

Customize without constraints

You’re free to create and customize every aspect of your email: the size and position of blocks, margins, number of sections...

Advanced HTML editor

Our editor mode lets you develop sections of code, for a fully customized solution.

Benefit from the best code out there

Optimized, high-performance code

Committed to reliability, Dartagnan guarantees the best code on the market thanks to a seasoned R&D team and a continuous improvement process.

100% secure interface

Dartagnan provides you with a dedicated, highly secure work space. Managing access rights, SSO identification…we’ve got everything covered.

Real-time quality control

Our Quality Control feature lets you audit your campaigns, identifying any issues to ensure best practices for email compatibility.

Easy validation

Using our integrated proof-routing feature, send a test to any team member to preview your email display.

Unleash your design potential

Total creative freedom

With Dartagnan, there are no fixed templates. Drag and drop whichever elements you like in order to create templates that suit your brand image.

Innovative email design

Videos, backgrounds, GIFS…Dartagnan lets you embed a variety of content while expanding the technical limits of email.

An interactive edge

Hover state, sliders, etc…Push design boundaries for a more dynamic and immersive user experience.

Real-time collaboration for optimal workflow

Pool your resources

Share access to campaign files to encourage teamwork and accelerate production times.

Share real-time feedback

Add comments to templates, make edits and confirm choices in real time, optimizing your validation and other processes.

Facilitate viewing

Generate mirror links, verify, share and validate integration results with people who don’t have access to the solution.

Better brand control and coherence

Integrating your media library

Dartagnan provides a storage space where you can centralize all of your brand image elements.

Preserving your brand image

100% secure dedicated spaces with user access management. Dartagnan lets you diversify your brand image without ever compromising coherence.

Adapting your campaigns

Duplicate your campaigns to adapt for different needs, boost team responsiveness and industrialize production.

Industrializing your process

Keep your product catalogue at your fingertips by connecting your data feeds directly to the solution, taking industrialization to the next level.

Design emails that are 100% compatible

Responsive emails guaranteed

Our continuous improvement process guarantees the highest quality code and reliable display accuracy across all devices on the market.

A unique Device Lab

Our Device Lab contains the most widely used devices on the market, with continuous testing of display configurations and solution updates as needed.

Test before sending

Our Live Preview feature lets you view integration results on Mobile in real time, and adjust them on the spot for optimal email display.

Fully compatible API

Our API is compatible with all routers on the market. Automate email import and testing. From design to delivery, Dartagnan is easy to use.
A 100% compatible API

Designing email campaigns with Dartagnan in over 30 countries

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