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Boost your CRM performances

  • Use our solution to create distinctive campaigns
  • Forget about code, focus on testing and segmentation
  • Build 100% compatible emails and watch your results skyrocket

Dartagnan is here to help

CRM emailing

Are rigid templates keeping you from customizing emails?

Hover state, sliders, dynamic flows, backgrounds… Dartagnan’s features are among the most innovative on the market, letting you personalize emails in seconds and industrialize your processes for better performance.

Is time-consuming email production stealing the focus from campaign analysis and strategy optimization?

With Dartagnan, creating eye-catching emails only takes a few seconds, leaving you free for other priorities: A/B testing, targeting and segmentation, template customization based on customer life cycles, etc.
CRM emailing
CRM emailing

Are compatibility issues limiting performance?

Dartagnan can make this problem disappear! With high-quality code and continuous improvement, our solution guarantees total display reliability across all devices, and our Quality Control ensures that all delivery standards are met. Dartagnan prevents any display issues with the downgraded mode by allowing for alternative content.

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